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Our Brands

Founded in 1997, Halgurd Amin has used dozens of projects in the production and production of the Company (ECA - BQ - KODSAN - EMPUR - SYSTEM-AIR - INTERPLAST - LUXOR - SMART - SIRA ) in Kurdistan and Iraq as projects (water and sewage - central gas system - fire), Halgurd's efforts are to make the world's most successful and prominent figures available in Kurdistan and Iraq as the only major agency, with 20 years of experience and with the slogan of the best quality with us, and the company is now making bigger strides and quality rivals.
Samart: In 1991, Samart Industrial Company was established in Egypt with German quality, to provide clean water pipe products and sewage, then expanded its entire product to produce sending it to all the world's markets, samar products You are available in all sizes and offers the best quality of the German pipeline to the customer. Samart is currently producing products in many residential and industrial projects around the world, halgurd company is the chief product agent Samaritan in Kurdistan and Iraq.
Located in the heart of Germany , Biko Group , which produces PPR - PP pipes under the umbrella of the BQ- Rohr system , has been in the plastics industry for 30 years , originally established as a family business by Heinz Vosang , the company They have always emphasized on delivering high products to customers, BQ continues to increase and expand our production capabilities and has built its work on long-term customer relationships, BQ products of all sizes. Halgurd Amin is the only trusted bq product agent in Kurdistan and Iraq.
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Heating System 
Established for 30 years in Turkey country, Kodsan became the largest water heater pipe maker in the national and international markets in 2000, increasing the range of its products with the current innovative methods Kodsan's products have the highest quality in heating and heating. Halgurd Amin is the head of Kodsan's production agency in Kurdistan and Iraq.
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One of the world's most famous and prominent bands produced in Neuwied, EMPUR currently produces the highest quality shofaz heating system pipe and has the right solution to all challenges, Halgurd Amin, the trusted agent of EMPUR in Kurdistan and Iraq.
Established by the ElgeEnkan Community , the company has taken steps from The United States to promote the best heat system in the world . The group is now formed in a group of highly quality products in the field of heat systems . Deeter, Boyler, and Kolkter, now more than 100 countries in the world are using products and participating in the biggest projects in the world, Halgurd Amin company is the main agent of ECA products for the heat system in Kurdistan and Iraq.
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Interplast builds plastic pipes with the most features, for use in the company's underground heating system ( Shofaz ) with the aim of developing and developing the market to transport products to the whole world , Interplast is a greek directly created company and the group's central offices are located in The City of Komotini, Halgurd Amin, interplast's trusted representative in Kurdistan and Iraq.
A group founded 60 years ago in Italy, an internationally developed manufacturing factory and commercial unit, is expanding continuously and continuously on the world's most important markets, creating a hot line Sierra is fully industrialized and developed to create a radiator in the high-quality alumni and with special designs, halgurd amin company is the trusted representative of the SIRA in Kurdistan and Iraq.
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A centralized and unknown cleaning system is established within the walls, the best vacuum cleaner for all environments, homes and workplaces, which ensures the health of the environment, a simple and efficient installation, the only Halgurd Amin is the world's only central gas agent in Kurdistan and Iraq, with a healthy cleaning system, created directly in Italy.
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